Which Type of Parenting is Most Effective During Adolescence?

Parenting is the best part of everyone’s life, and every person wants to enjoy it. However, new parents always worry about dealing with their kids. And some parents get help from the internet and many contact psychiatrists. Moreover, going to a psychiatrist is considered a stigma in some societies. But in reality, it has a deep concern with your child’s upbringing.

Furthermore, if you are a parent and worry about dealing with your adolescence, here is a solution. Also, it is not rocket science, but it demands your effort and attention.
This article will deal with all aspects of how parents should behave with their adolescence.

How Does Parenting Affects?

It is crucial for parents to know that your kids copy you; your attitude has a significant role in this regard. However, some parents expect their adolescence to behave decently and follow a positive attitude. But in reality, kids always notice their parents and their ways of living.

According to 90% of studies, parents’ nature significantly contributes to their child’s development. There are also some exceptions like some kids live under one roof but grow up with other characters. Sometimes they experience different environments and meet different people. In any case, they must absorb the colors of their surroundings on their personalities.

Types of Parenting

There are four types of parenting, let’s elaborate on each of them:

1. Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting is a kind of “my perspective” parenting. In this parenting style, parents always behave strictly and force their kids to live according to them. They don’t respect their kids’ consent and become rude if kids don’t follow their instructions. They don’t have any room for discussion and expect their kids to obey their orders without any explanations.

These parents don’t show affection and love for their kids, and also they have very high expectations from their kids. They demand their adolescents to get high marks in exams and pursue the degree according to them. They don’t understand the mental condition of their kids and use harsh punishment on their kids. Also, such parents provide minor benefits or opportunities to their kids and expect the best results in return.


Giving kids clarity about disciplines and boundaries.


Here the drawbacks are more than benefits, yes, for example, teenagers couldn’t find themselves comfortable talking to their parents about life.

These situations can lead children towards completely risky behaviors such as using marijuana, sextingaddicted to watching sex, without their parents knowing it.

Because a teenage child doesn’t get compliments or positive feedback from authoritarian parents, he/she grows up with feelings of fear and experiences the transition to adulthood even more difficult.

2. Permissive Parenting

Permissive Parenting

This is the unique parenting style because it is incredibly different from oppressive parenting. However, parents behave like close friends with their kids in this parenting style. They communicate with their kids and understand their problems. These types of parents try to solve their kids’ issues and provide different ideas.

Besides this, they set the level of expectations from their kids very low because they know the caliber of their kids. Moreover, such parents are highly responsive to their kids and vital in nourishing them. Such parents also discipline their kids and teach them everything very politely. This style is very acceptable and plays an essential role in the development of kids as well.


An adolescent benefits from loving and easy life parenting. They can easily share their thoughts, express their feelings, and more.

Also, if they make a mistake, their parents support them and correct them on their mistakes. Parents’ positive attitude empowered them in any aspect of life.
In some cases, parents also guide their kids to choose their career or degree; it also boosts their confidence.


It’s very rare but some kids can ignore their life goals, as they don’t have any fear or pressure from their parents, they can feel no need to put much effort into their studies.

3. Neglectful Parenting

Neglectful Parenting

Some parents provide everything to their kids like food, education, and every important thing, but they ignore them; it is known as neglectful parenting. In this parenting style, parents don’t interfere with their kid’s life and let them live according to their consent.

According to the research, many kids want to get the approval of their parents even on the little things. They want to share their feelings with them and wish to appreciate them. Validation of parents matters a lot, and it gives confidence to the kids.


Teens can feel full freedom and independence, they can choose everything for themselves.


Adopting completely unguided lifestyles can lead them toward uncertain situations.

4. Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative Parenting

It is a significantly different type of parenting and has no resemblance to authoritative parenting. The main reason for pursuing this parenting style is because parents try to maintain a healthy relationship with their kids. However, in this parenting style, the adolescents understand the reason and scenarios behind the restriction and rules if parents set any rules.

Furthermore, parents believe in making a trustworthy relationship with their kids and assure them that they are always here to resolve their issues. In this case, kids grow nicely and get a positive attitude because of their parents.


This brings clarity of mind to your children, they can set big goals in life with the help of their parents’ guidance. They learn many things from their parents’ experiences.

They always have a sense of support from their parents on their back, which makes them more confident and they can face any hardship of life easily with their parents’ help.


Although there are tremendous benefits, it is observed that sometimes this behavior of parents can reduce the self problem-solving habits in a child.

Kids became dependent on their parents and can not handle situations individually if not done properly.

Facts & Figures

Here are some statistics that will help understand you to pursue the style of parenting, it includes:

  • According to the research, 66% of adolescents aged 12 to 17 prefer to live with both parents.  24% of kids prioritize living with their mother, while 5% prefer to live with their father, and the rest don’t want to live with their parents.
  • Research suggests that Most adolescents bond with their parents and prefer to join them at dinner.
  • Half of the adult percentage understand that their mothers care about them and the rest believe that their fathers care about them.
  • A Study suggests that Almost 65% of parents, including fathers, like to talk with their school-going kids and listen to their problems.

All-time useful tips:

Following are some important tips:

Transparent Communication:

If parents set the conversation routine with their kids, they’ll get the chance to know about their kids. The more you talk to your kids, the more you understand.

However, some parents strictly behave with their kids and don’t listen to them appropriately. When you become rude with your kids and neglect them, they become rebellious. So, it is better to have transparent communication with your adolescents to feel relaxed and calm.

Avoid Arguments:

Try to avoid argumentative behavior at your home. According to recent research, parents who fight or have bitter relationships can’t develop the cheerful personality of their kids. This habit automatically transfers to your kids, as you unintentionally start arguing with your kids.

When you have a toxic environment at your home, your kid becomes ignorant and stops obeying you. Similarly, this toxic behavior leads such kids toward bad habits as well.

However, sometimes arguments are good, like when you ask your kid why the sky is blue or why leaves are green, etc., but if you have extreme views with your kids on small things, then it is very alarming.


You can’t ignore your kids at any cost and any age. No matter how adult they are, it would help if you asked them what their life is going on and do they want anything from their parents or not. If you haven’t tried any of these methods yet, you can try it now and make your kid’s life easy and happy.

These facts and figures or statements are easy to apply and make the person pursue any parenting. In a nutshell, parenting is a pillar for every kid’s development, and it also decides the future of your kids.