10 reasons why gym is therapy


The gym is therapy and a healthy distraction that keeps the abrupt and negative thoughts away and helps us in feeling relaxed. A common comparison between gym and therapy has been made for quite some time, where people argue about which is superior to the other. Instead of focusing on the outlook of both gym and therapy. People tend to create misconceptions that harm the name of either adopting a healthy workout lifestyle or going to therapy.

What many people do not normally understand is that at any given point and time, that gym is physical therapy. You can go to as many psychologists or psychiatrists and take as many medications as you want. Only going to the gym will help you achieve peace of mind. Following are 10 reasons why the gym is therapy…

Power of physical work:

gym physical workout

You might have heard many gym is therapy quotes throughout your life. Many a time you might have ignored them considering that they usually do not tend to motivate you at all. In that case, you definitely have been missing out on a lot of things.

There are a lot of benefits of exercise. Most of which surround the fact that it tires you too much to make you get stressed about anything else. But besides that, going to the gym is more about how you feel on the inside. People do not normally understand what the power of physical work is. Many studies have been reported to show the amazing benefits that exercise has on stress, frustration, cognitive development, and most of all, anxiety.

Exercise freshens your mind:

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Has it ever happened to you that you have just been extremely stressed, but then you decided to hit the gym and afterward you feel amazingly light? The reason is simple, going to the gym helps you clear your mind and have a better perspective towards life. Most importantly, has it ever happened that you have met a gym geek who always says out like ‘gym is my therapy?’

These people have had conditioned their bodies to relax when they go for physical work. And this is not a bad thing at all. It is actually a very healthy approach rather than whining about how expensive actual therapy is and undergoing the stress of talking to someone about your feels. The fact of the matter is that whenever you go to the gym, doing creative exercises can take the excessive negative energy out of your mind so that you are better able to make decisions.

Helps you remain healthy:

healthy lifestyle

It is said that exercising and gymming not only changes and transforms one’s body but changes one’s mind, attitude and mood too. Going to the gym isn’t only good for your physical health but for mental health too. People who go to the gym regularly tend to achieve a greater sense of well-being. They remain active in their daily life, feel energetic, sleep profoundly at night. And have a sharper mind and better memory. Feel extremely relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives.

It is true that by going to the gym you can tone your muscles, trim your waistline and achieve an improved physique but along with that gymming assists in handling depression, anxiety, and ADHD. We can say the gym is the best therapy.

Good for body positivity:

how to atain positivity by gym

Body Positivity refers to the claim that everyone deserves to have a positive approach regarding their appearance. The opposition of the unwanted social construct of the present-day beauty standards is what lowers the self-esteem of many individuals these days. Going to the gym is one of many things that promote body positivity. By going to the gym for a minimum of 4 days out of the 7 days in a week, one can attain improved fitness levels.

Our body image influences our mental health and well-being in many ways. Having a healthy and good-looking body plays a major role in how people review their self-worth and appearance. According to the researcher, if one doesn’t have a positive image of their body they may fall prey to a lot of mental conditions like depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder.

Helps create a routine:

how gym helps to make routine

Going to the gym is very helpful in building a healthy routine. When one has to go to the gym at a certain time, he will do all his chores and work on their designated time without procrastinating. A person who goes to the gym develops an overall healthy lifestyle and routine that is beneficial to their physical and mental health.

Going to the gym helps to avoid eating junk food.  One goes for healthier eating habits because he is mindful of the fact that if he eats junk food then the workout will be of no use, and the dream of developing a better physique will not come true.

No fear of being judged by anyone:

fearless life hack

Taking therapy has been stigmatized by the masses for centuries, although in this 21st century people have started accepting it to some extent but yet not completely. It is due to this common misconception among people that only those people seek therapy who are mentally retarded.

But in reality, any person who feels not able to manage their emotions and feelings needs some professional help can seek therapy. Due to people judging those who seek therapy and not accepting them. There is an alternate to it which is going to the gym. Rather than suppressing your emotions, one can take them out in the form of physical exertions which is a healthy and feasible way.

Let’s you be a part of a whole community:

comminty intraction through gym

By enrolling yourself in a gym you become a part of a whole new community. You come across new people and make friends among them. The gym room is like a therapy room. Where one not only meets new people but their experiences and stories from which he can learn and grow.

The trainer is like a therapist, who tells you what to do and how to do it. He helps in draining all your unnecessary emotions through physical hardship. Working out with a group has many benefits which include enhanced consistency, motivation, duration, conversion, and inspiration. Even if one feels like giving up, by looking at their fellows and gym-partners they regain motivation and strength.

Good for focused distractions:

meditation and gym

Going to the gym helps you envision your role in the everyday life. Gymming also helps to incorporate healthier options in all areas of your life. When one works out and sees the reward which is a healthier body and mind they develop a healthy addiction to it. Whenever they are not in a good mood or want to think positively they go to the gym so that this healthy distraction keeps the abrupt and negative thoughts and emotions away from them and helps them in feeling relaxed. Such a distraction is better than the ones outside the gym i.e. drugs and smoking.

Light on the pocket:

gym is inexpensive

  • The gym is a step ahead of therapy on monetary grounds too. When one goes to therapy they have to pay for each visit, while going to the gym one has to pay once a month.
  • So the gym is light on one’s pocket while therapy can be a bit expensive and out of budget. Not everyone can afford therapy. As you’ve to pay for each session and usually there are four sessions per month.
  • Another insight is that gym is helping us develop good physical as well as mental health. Whereas by therapy, we are just working on our mental health. So if we put therapy and gym on a measuring scale, the gym will surely be the heavier one.

Lesser need for medications:

gym is meditation

When one goes for therapy, the therapist usually prescribe them antidepressant or some other pills to keep their mind soothing. These medicines and pills sometimes have side effects like nausea or making one sleep excessively. In contrast, the gym required no medication, and bodies attain peace of mind through exercise.


In conclusion, going to the gym has more advantages than therapy because;

  1. It helps to attain both mental and physical health.
  2. Less expensive than therapy.
  3. It keeps one distracted from other harmful activities
  4. Helps us in building a healthy routine and lifestyle
  5. Unlike therapy, no need for any medicines and no side effects of the gym.

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